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Parent Skills Group:
The purpose of this group is to provide parent skills training for reunification with Bio/Adoptive Parents for a child in the custody of the Department of Human Services or for a child who is reintegrating back into the community from a congregate care setting “Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility or Therapeutic Group Home”. Training and consultation may be conducted either in the parent(s) home or at Infinity Counseling Group’s office.

Parent Support Service:
This service is focused on the caregiver’s current capacities by identifying existing skills and strengths and building upon those to help develop and enhance their parenting skills.

Outpatient Therapy Services:
Outpatient therapy and counseling services for children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups. Services can provide clinical assessments and counseling for mental health, substance abuse issues, behavioral problems, and trauma/abuse victims. *We accept Medicaid and most private insurances.

Life Skills Training (1:1):

This service is designed to provide targeted skills detailed in a treatment plan that are based upon the completion of the Casey Life Skills Assessment. This assessment assesses the behaviors and competencies youth need to achieve their long-term goals. Identified life skills include, but are not limited to budgeting and paying bills, daily living activities, and using community resources. It is recommended that clients receive a minimum of five hours per week.


Supervised/Guided Visitation:
Trained professionals from Infinity Counseling Group will ensure the physical and emotional safety of the child/children during planned visitation with family members. Supervised visits may be arranged at the Infinity Counseling Group office or other designated locations. Upon completion of supervised visitation, staff will document visit and provide summary to referring worker/locality.

Virtual Residential Services: 

Virtual Residential Services are designed to provide wrap around services (mixture of Intensive In-Home, Mentoring, Parent Support, and Crisis Intervention) to the family that are strength-based, client-centered, and family oriented on an intensive short-term basis. These services are offered by our highly trained counselors who will work collaboratively with the family in their natural environment which will allow them to maintain their child/youth in their home and community.

Eligible Funding Sources:


Children’s Services Act

• Medicaid*


Mental Health Initiative

• Private Insurance*

• Self Pay