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Corey Brooks, has been working effectively with youth and families in community-based settings for the past 25 years.   Mr. Brooks is a leading authority on the effects of the Hip Hop culture on today’s youth.   He is a member of the Norfolk Juvenile Detention Alternatives to Incarceration Steering Committee and a regional presenter who teaches professionals in the juvenile court and human service fields effective methods to engage and work effectively with today’s youth.   Mr. Brooks has served as Chairman of the Portsmouth Special Education Advisory Committee. He has been the keynote speaker to the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice and the plenary speaker at NICOSTY and Virginia Correctional Association.

In addition Mr. Brooks is a certified trainer and authority in the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) curriculum which teaches professionals proven methods to safely manage disruptive and assaultive behaviors. He has 11 years of experience providing training to new foster parents, facilitated independent living groups for adjudicated youth in the City of Hampton, and served as the primary clinician for dually diagnosed adjudicated youth in Norfolk for two years.