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Cyber Bullying

Knowing the dangers and what to do about it

October 27, 2016. . . Electronic devices have changed so many aspects of everyday life. People are able to connect and communicate on an unprecedented scale, for good and sometimes, not so well. This access can give rise to negatives, as evidenced in the rise of cyber...
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Stay Secure Online

5403052781_8e5acaef88_bSeptember 30,2016 . . . Norfolk, VA - As parents, we try to do all we can to protect our children at every turn in life. On the roadmap to adulthood, the Internet is now more than an information superhighway. When a child uses a computer,...
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Get School Started the Right Way

Community gathers at the Convention Center to encourage families for the new school year

August 6, 2016 - - - VIRGINIA BEACH – Back to school means more than stocking up on school supplies, it means getting mentally ready.


"It's about getting the family ready for a new school...
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